"Your home ends up a complete original!"

Megan takes your vision, perfects it and turns a house into a home!! What I loved most about working with Megan is she really listens to what you want and makes that into reality. It was important to have the colours and "design" that I loved most in my home. I wanted my home not to be in style, but be stylish. I wanted to fill it with pieces that I loved. She was able to incorporate "my" look and make it beautiful!! She was right when she would say "trust me, you'll love it" . Your home ends up a complete original!! She respects your budget and works important pieces like Family Heirlooms into your home. I love this about her!! I also like how she has so many unique stores and people that she knows. I love seeing the big smile on her face and twinkle in her eye when she knows we love our new space. All in all Megan rocks!!

— Dr. Bob and Janelle Hawkins

Calgary, AB


"...we absolutely LOVE everything..."

We originally hired keenline design to help us with a basement renovation. We were so happy with the results that we were inspired to go ahead with a main floor renovation that we'd been waffling on for years. The contractors that Megan used were great, and we used them for both the basement and the main floor. The transformation was amazing - we absolutely LOVE everything. Megan is not only fun to work with, but tireless as well. She helped give me the confidence to make design decisions that I would not have the nerve to make on my own. I have recommended her to several friends without hesitation. 

— Gail Owen and Drew Taylor

Calgary, AB


"We highly recommend Megan..."

We have always maintained, 'let the professionals do it,' and that is exactly what Megan of keenline design did. She transformed some unused spaces in our home to rooms we can now enjoy. Using furniture that we already owned, placing them appropriately in the rooms then adding finishing pieces made the transformations beautiful and affordable. Not only were we happy with the end result, we were happy that she accomplished the metamorphosis in 5 days. Megan has boundless energy, a great sense of humour, and is a joy to work with. We highly recommend Megan.

— Dr. Laura Pratt and Pierre Desrochers

Edmonton, AB


"Megan came in and transformed our living room..."

I never would have believed that changing one room could change the feel of my entire house! Megan came in and transformed our living room from a stuffy unused space into a room that is enjoyed by the whole family … the baby, the kids, the adults and even our dog! Adding the living room to our regularly used space has changed the way we enjoy other rooms in our house. It’s like she added an extra 300 square feet to our home in just 3 hours. Our room ended up more beautiful, fresher, less cluttered and more welcoming that I ever thought it could look. I know that I got more bang for my buck out of keenline design than I could have gotten out of any other home improvement option, and I highly recommend Megan to all my friends!

— Gigi Gill 

Roswell, GA


"The project has re-energized both the space and the employees..."

The law offices of Roach , Caudill, and Gunn retained the design services of Keenline design for a complete renovation of our office. The design was completed on time and with very little intrusion into the day to day work of the office. All partners were thrilled with the result  and feel the project has re-energized both the space and the employees who now have the pleasure of working there.

— Thomas Roach Jr

Canton, GA


"I have to thank keenline from the bottom of my heart..."

Where do I start?  Well, that is exactly what I thought when we decided  to make our house more comfortable, more livable. I toyed with idea of hiring a interior decorator for several months, but kept making the same excuses of money and thinking I could just do it myself. After about 3 frustrating months I realized I had used more time, energy and money but just on the wrong things….

When I invited Megan over for a consultation, she was professional and enthusiastic and I hired her immediately. Megan was also very respectful of both my husband's and my personal style and blended them both beautifully. She was able to use our existing furniture that we wanted to keep, but also infused some new items to give our space life! It was astounding to me how efficient and timely she was. I found myself wanting her to do more rooms in my house then when we started and ended up having her do them all including bathrooms and the kitchen! We also used her services outside the with colour consultation, and landscaping .We couldn't be happier! I have to thank keenline from the bottom of my heart that we now have a comfortable place to come home to. 

 — Lorraine Thompson

Woodstock, GA


"...we absolutely LOVE the final product."

We met Megan when we undertook a major renovation. We took out a wall, gutted the kitchen, gutted 3 bathrooms (including the master), painted the interior, changed the colour of the woodwork , and completely redid the exterior. We would never of achieved the beautiful end result if we hadn't had Megan's guidance. She listened to what we liked and didn't like, helped us stretch the envelope when necessary, opened us up to possibilities we never would of considered and kept repeating – you can't just like it you have to love it. And we absolutely LOVE the final product. We have completely modern home that meets our needs, likes and wants. Sometimes when I'm sitting at the kitchen island reading the paper and look up, I can't believe I am in my own home. It's all so beautiful and just right for us. Thank you Megan from the bottom of our hearts!

— Marina and Tony Franco

Calgary, AB

“keenline design helped me find my own sense of style...

I recently bought a new home and although my furniture worked well in my old space, it needed to be updated. As a busy professional, I wanted my living space to be warm but sophisticated. Keenline design helped me find my own sense of style, listened to me when there were certain things I did not want to change and produced something better than I ever could have done on my own. Megan was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to any of my friends."

— Shannon Gangl

Calgary, AB


"you made me love my house again!"

All the hard work, late nights, lots of laughs; you made me love my house again! You turned it into a new house. You have a great talent. This would not have happened - you inspired all the girls and husbands to help. You are all the best!

Lots of love,


— Anne Hannigan

Edmonton, AB


“...it was hard to believe that it was the same home!”

We recently decided to renovate our 45-year old home as it was in dire need of a facelift after 30 years of the abuse that comes with raising children and family pets. Megan worked with us to come up with a plan that would give our home a totally new and fresh look, while being respectful of our budgetary constraints. She took care of
everything, including acting as a contractor on our behalf. The carpenters, drywallers, painters, plumbers, electricians and anyone else involved with our reno were all kept on time and on budget because of Megan’s close involvement with the project. We replaced several pieces of furniture at the same time and Megan spent countless hours tracking down pieces that would work in our home. The end result was lovely and it was hard to believe that it was the same home! Her sense of style and attention to the smallest details are evident throughout. Thank you, Megan, for designing a new living space for us that is fresh, contemporary, and a place that we like to call home!

— Kim and Brad Sewall

Calgary, AB


“...she listens to your needs and expectations...”

Megan is unlike any other decorator I have used in the past. She is very easy to work with, she listens to your needs and expectations, and most importantly, she adheres to your budget. She is a super shopper and definitely gets the most for your dollar. I would highly recommend Megan and hope to have her back to my home very soon.

— Melissa Clement

Canton, GA


"...[Megan] was efficient with my time..."

Megan has been a pleasure to work with.  My family purchased an already renovated 1960's home and wanted to have a classic mid modern century vibe and theme throughout.  She worked with the furniture and artwork we had to complete look. She was efficient with my time and was able to listen to my wants and turn them into a reality.  I am confident that she has saved my family money in furnishing and decorating our home by making the correct type of purchases the first time, knowing exactly what was needed,  and where to acquire it.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for some assistance in making their house a home for their family. ... 

— Tracy Coutts

Calgary, AB


"Professional, reliable and organized..."

To hire or not to hire, that was the question. With the advantage of hindsight hiring Megan was absolutely the right decision. We had a house and with the professional  help of Megan we now have a home, a true haven to relax away from the cares of the world. Professional, reliable and organized…thank you.

—T. Thompson

Woodstock, GA


"...you helped me make choices that work with our existing style..."

Megan, Just wanted to send a note to thank-you for the beautiful work you did on our home. We love our new colours – it feels like a brand new house that has a connected colour scheme throughout  all the rooms. I keep getting compliments on the new colour of our fire place. It has now become a beautiful focal point that adds a real coziness to the room. We absolutely love the changes you made to our Great Room and Dining Room. They finally feel like finished rooms. I had so much fun working with you.  I love your laid back style and you helped me make choices that work with our existing style. Your whimsical touches make the rooms feel fun and so personal. Our dogs really do use their pretty new dog beds and the girls show everyone the birds in the dining room. Thanks so much. I can't wait to have you come help me with another room.

— Debbie Karus

Alpharetta, GA


"You have been highly recommended to all of our friends!"

Keenline design transformed the entire look and feel of the main living area in our home. I never would of been able to put together such a drastic transformation at such an affordable price. I get so many compliments regarding the colours, décor, (and coziness) of the living areas on our main level. People think I have spent a fortune, when in reality it was very affordable. You have been highly recommended to all of our friends! 

— Dusty Prisock

Canton, GA